Zamboni 560AC
price: 556 100,00 z?? netto + 23% VAT
Zamboni 552
price: 523 206,00 z?? netto + 23% VAT
Zamboni 525
price: 500 000,00 z?? netto + 23% VAT

We offer the ice resurfacers of the global leader – Zamboni.



We supply ammonia-based cooling systems.

We supply ammonia-based cooling systems variably controlled by the thermal burden of the surface, operating with a minimum quantity of ammonia (average of 12 kg for an ice hockey rink). These systems take advantage of the exceptional cooling values of ammonia and are completely safe to the surroundings. Variable efficiency system controlled by the readings of the ice surface thermal burden allows for precise adjustment of the unit’s cooling efficiency. Thanks to this, our systems are among the best in the world.


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